Saturday, October 4, 2008

My Pre-Rest Day

As usual, 4:30 am rolls around and I wake up - wide eyed, ready to go. But, this is my day of pre-rest and I must not allow myself to wander to the coffee pot before 7am. So, somehow, I willed myself back to sleep, to awaken to the morning rays as they began to fill the room. As I wondered what time it was, the clock in the living room chimed the answer for me - 7am. But, somehow yet, I had the desire to just enjoy my cozy spot in the bed, so I did.

An hour or so later, I emerged from my corner of the world, ready to take on a day of painting.

It started out good ... hubby had committed to getting this room painted today. He was armed with painter's tape and the ladder, creating a lovely green outline for the paint brush to follow. I was in the kitchen making breakfast.

Then it began.

The sound of his phone resonating from the downstairs office.
Who could possibly be intruding on our long awaited day of painting?

A customer.
Or rather, the install sales department at one of the stores who was calling for the customer.
The customer whose job my dear hubby had neglected to write in his appointment book.

So, he bid farewell to myself and all the furniture now pushed to the center of the room.
Off to save the day for someone else.

By now, signs of a beautiful fall day are well in place and the sunshine beckons me out of doors. I still had to go into town to pick up the paint before the store closed at 1pm. Definitely had to get the paint today so we can make up for lost time tomorrow. (And, of course, the store is closed on Sundays.)

After purchasing the paint, I decided to enjoy more of the sunshine. Somehow, my car wound up at one of my new favorite places in town, The Market.

I had seen some canvas prints there a while ago that I knew would look great in the bedroom. I had put it off long enough. I had to know if they were even still available. Guess what?
They were.

Can't wait to get them hung later today.
The subtle green just pops against the wall color.

Here's one a little closer.

I also found an art print I just loved.
Well, just so happens my daughter loved it just as much.
It will be going back to Vandy with her when she leaves tomorrow.


This one has the saying, 'Love who you are'.
Just sounded right to me today. Sometimes amidst all of the roles a person plays, you begin to loose touch with just who you are. What is it we do and do well? Are we just having to wear so many hats that we are doing things just to get them done and not really able to recognize our specialties? Whatever it is, we need to remember they all work together to make us who we are in this space and time - and that it is good.

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