Sunday, September 28, 2008

Bubble Tea

Fat Straw.

That's the name of the bubble tea place I went to with my daughter in Nashville.
I remember selling this tapioca concoction when I was with Brown Bag Gourmet Goodies. It's been several years since that time and I've not had a bubble tea since - until today.
There were so many choices ... tea milk, fruit milk, smoothie ...
I played it safe - Cafe Latte.

Next time I think I'll try the Cake Batter. That should be yummy with tapioca balls.

Where did the weekend the go? I think I missed my day of 'pre-rest' yesterday.
It was a good day, tho. We had a playground work day at the center. Had a good time developing relationships with the parent volunteers. Nothing like working together toward a common cause to bring about success - and that it was.

On the way to Nashville today, I finally stopped in Mt. Juliet at the Home Goods store. Have been wanting to check it out for quite a while now. Needless to say, saw some very lovely things. Hubby was glad that we were on a time line!

Found an interesting article this week about just how creative one can be with a Sharpie marker.
Check out the 360 degree photo!

Enjoy the week!

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Rochelle said...

I found your site through Violet Posey. Your bubble tea is what we call Boba Tea in Arizona. And we love it here. My favorite is Taro with Coconut Milk.