Saturday, June 30, 2012

Rooster Pup

I really wanted to sleep until 5am today, but as a slice of daylight broke through at 4:32am, our ever faithful Rooster Pup (aka, Angel) sounded her morning bark.  Some days - though not often - she will settle back in for a while, allowing a little more time for slumber.  But, not today.

So, after the morning puppy routine (clean up, feeding, loving) I took Gabi outside. While we were on our morning walk, lo and behold, what do I hear?  A neighborhood rooster.  A real rooster.  But, alas, it is now after 5am and the sun has been up for ... minutes.  That little guy is just a little late to the party.

As Gabi and I were walking through the neighborhood, I took the time to savor the 'cooler' temp and the subtle, underlying breeze - knowing that within hours, the thermometer would be on it's way to the 100 degree mark.  Any errands would definitely need to be finished by mid-morning.  Should be pretty easy considering that's still 5 hours away.

One of my errands was to restock our Southern Sweet Tea supply for the Keurig.  With the temps as high as they have been this past week, the ice in my tea has been melting just a little too quickly, diluting the tea before it's time.  So, I decided to include a run to the dollar store in my agenda to pick up ice cube trays.  Yes, I'm sure I have some, but I would venture to guess that they are in a box buried in the basement.

I set the brewer for 8oz.  Had I been a little more conservative with the portion in each section of the ice cube tray, that would've worked just fine.  By filling the sections completely, I would recommend about 10 oz.

I now have four trays of iced tea cubes in the freezer.  I'm thinking the flavor of the next glasses of iced tea will not fade as quickly now.

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Cassidy Magee said...

i LOVE this idea!!