Friday, June 22, 2012


Since learning of one of my 2g-grandmothers, I've been curious about her and the life she led.  I wonder how she spent her days as a single woman who had given birth to a child and then allowed that child to be raised in her brother's home as a complete part of that family.  Living nearby and seeing her child grow could not have been easy.  Tracing Emaline through records available during the mid-late 1800s is a challenge.  We do know that she did live with her parents and following the death of her father, relocated with her mother from TN to KY.  

I heard through a distant cousin about where Emaline was buried.  We planned to one day visit and my intent was to be sure that Emaline's grave was properly marked.  That day finally arrived this week.  And, to make the trip even sweeter, I discovered someone had generously placed markers on several of the graves that had only previously been known with a stone.  

As you can see, there is still only a birth date for her which was found in her father's ledger.  Online searches can only take you so far.  So, after seeing the stone, it led me on a trip to the local library so I could review information in their genealogy department.  Even after searching census records, mortality indexes, and funeral home records, I still am at a loss as to the date of her passing.  Guess I will be making one more trip to spend time going through records at the courthouse.  Maybe then, we will know more.  But, even beyond discovering another date, I still long to learn of her life.  It is truly a selfless thing to be a mother - and make those choices that are in the best interest of your child.

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God bless you Jill!