Saturday, December 18, 2010

One Week and Counting

It's official. One week today until Christmas. And for the most part, our family is on schedule with the seasonal preparations.

After moving to Tennessee, I decided to finally get back to a more traditional Christmas, decorating-wise. Through the years, we always celebrated, but not necessarily with a traditional tree. One year was a topiary, another year a poinsettia bush. Then I found a spiral tree which is still one of my favorites. My first year in Tennessee before Marlon was able to move here and 98.2% of all my earthly belongings were still in Michigan, I picked up a little pre-lit tree and some decorations to help make the season bright. Then last year, we found the perfect tree.

So, Christmas 2010 has officially began in our household. Marlon spent about 10 hours over 3 evenings restringing the approximately 1600 lights (that included a couple trips for more lights). Then we began decorating last night. A friend of Josh's had never decorated a Christmas tree, so she hung the first ornament

Progress was made with a little help from Mannheim Streamroller and Josh Groban.

While the main tree was being finished, the two little fireplace trees were getting new strands of lights.

The first 'lights out' view of Tree 2010. We sat back and took it all in while enjoying coconut cake and coffee (with the chocolate and marshmallows I made stirred in).

Now to add the train under the tree, decorate the mantel and add the stockings. Oh, and wrap a few gifts, too.

Merry Christmas!

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