Sunday, August 23, 2009




That was all I could say.

For several minutes ... fireworks. I don't always say a lot, but, I'm seldom at a total loss for words.

When leaving the drift event on Saturday, the drive was easy ... until ... we got onto the major interstate. Traffic was stopped. For miles. For more miles than you could see either in front of or behind you.

We had already decided to eat dinner at a place two exits ahead. So, we hung in there - which was all we could do - and then took the exit. Only to be on a main road that looked as congested as the interstate did.

After some time, we arrived at the restaurant. We had less of a wait on a Saturday night, than it had taken us to get there. We knew we would enjoy a leisurely meal and by the time we would leave, the roads would be clear.

Well, the main road was. Even the interstate was. For about a half mile. Then we were stopped. Once again.

While trying to figure it all out, there was a sound in the distance. Not quite thunder, but noisy. Shortly thereafter, the bursts of color appeared in the sky. Fireworks. Fireworks.

Once we inched our way past the final exit to "see the fireworks", all lanes of traffic opened up and we had a clear drive home.

To think that for such a distance - for so many hours - life could just stop.

All in the name of ... fireworks.

OK ... prior to the fireworks, we had a wonderful day at the speedway. (video footage to come soon!) The drift event was great and the weather was beyond perfect. Cool, sunshiny and breezy ... all rolled into one. So glad that Kristen had been able to work me in for a haircut the day before.

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Russ and Karla Patterson said...

I think I like the haircut - traffic, ugg, no!! ;-)