Thursday, December 11, 2008

What to do on a rainy day ...

(In addition to studying for a final exam ...)

Before creating my assembly line, I set the stage to encourage my deeply burried mojo -
Josh Groban and Mannheim Steamroller
Fireplace lit
Eggnogg and Vernors poured

Then I brought out the candles that I found when we stopped in Berea on the way home from MI last week. Decided to personalize each one with the initial of the recipient. Retrieving things from my 'stash' was quite the task since just about everything is still packed in boxes. But, I did find ribbon, metal letters and of course, my Zips and Zots!
(I still think I wound up on the ThermOWeb Design Team because of my wonderful tribute to Zips and Zots over any creative talent! *Ü*).

So, then I took this ...

And wound up with this.

The best part?
Because of my desire to simplify gift giving this season, the total cost for each gift is ...

Under $2.00!

Now, back to studying.


Teresa said...

Jill- What a clever idea to personalize a gift-
Thanks for stopping by my blog- it's fun to meet people from all over the country-
Have a wonderful day

Jennifer said...

That is such an elegant looking gift! I never would have guessed it cost so little to make-great idea.