Saturday, December 13, 2008

Hooked on Fudge

OK ... my friend Elizabeth and I have had the best time trying different flavor combinations and gift giving presentation ideas with the easy fudge recipe. Probably because she is a young mother of four children and I am well, older and slower!

Anyway, when you visit fudge shops, the fudge is always in a slab that they they slice to order by the 1/2 lb., pound, etc. Rather than cube the fudge, I wanted to place a nice thick slice into one of those little long candy boxes. So, I poured the chocolate, butterscotch, toffee (my favorite so far) into a buttered Longaberger loaf pan - love. love. love Longaberger's vitrified china. The question became, just how would I successfully get it out.

After letting the fudge come to room temperature after allowing it to set up in the refrigerator, here's what worked for me:
  1. First, taste test the fudge by wedging a little bit out of one of the corners. You want to be sure that it's truly a tasty treat! (oh. my. goodness. This one really is!!!)
  2. Slice the fudge down the center, width-wise.
  3. Using a flat edge spatula that is just about the same width as the pieces, run it down along the sides. Then gently lift up one of the sides with the spatula, placing it on wax paper.
  4. Do the same to the other section of fudge.
Since I don't have my cute little boxes yet, I placed the fudge back into the loaf pan on the wax paper. When it's time to slice the fudge, I'm going to try using unflavored waxed dental floss for a smooth cut.

Then, box it, wrap in ribbon and put a gift tag on top.


Mary Beth said...

I love the tip about using dental floss to slice the fudge. Thank you so much. said...

How do you make your toffee fudge? I would LOVE that!!