Sunday, September 7, 2008

Happy Birth Day, Mom!

Dear Mom,

How I miss you today! My heart always carries a twinge of pain that you're not here. But, somehow, on this your birth day, it goes beyond a gentle pull to a tremendous tug on my heart's strings.

I miss you. So much life has continued and evolved over the years. Why does it seem like only yesterday?

Only yesterday that you joined me and thumbelina for a tea party.

Only yesterday that you decorated a shoe box with aluminum foil and red ribbon for my Valentines.

Only yesterday that you and I would sit in the living room, look at new magazines and eat junk food.

Only yesterday that we would enjoy the fresh orchids in Hawaii.

Only yesterday that you were there when my children were born.

Only yesterday that I said my final good bye to you.

Through all those yesterdays I've built today.

Today, I celebrate the sunshine and the young buds in my garden.

Today, I celebrate my faith and the hope and strength it gives.

Today, I celebrate a husband who lovingly cares for me.

Today, I celebrate two children who so abundantly display traits of you and bless my life each day.

Today, I celebrate you.

Happy Birth Day, Mom.

Thank you, for the life you gave to me.

Thank you, for the example you set before me of a Godly mother.

Thank you, for always being my support here on this earth.

Thank you, for teaching me to love and care for others so deeply.

Thank you, my sweet Mother ... my friend.


Gayla said...

Very sweet. I know she's forever in your heart. Hugs... Gayla

Russ and Karla Patterson said...

I know how this day feels for you - I often ask myself how something can seem so long ago and still seem like it was yesterday when I think of my mom too. Your mom was special to me too - and will never be forgotten. Hugs

Mrs. U said...

Hi there!
I just somehow found your blog. I wanted to let you know that your mother was so very blessed to have such a wonderful daughter as you!! From reading this, sounds like you loved your mother as much as she loved you!! What a blessing!!!

Mrs. U (wiping tears... thank you for sharing from your heart!!!!)

Cindy said...

I have just recently found your blog and I'm not much of a commenter, but your message today has brought tears. My mother has been gone for nineteen years and there are days that it feels like she just left. Right after her passing I would send birthday and Mother's Day cards to the American Cancer Society with a check to cover the "gift" I was giving her.

Thank you for a beautiful post, I know your Mother was blessed to have you and it's obvious the love you have for her. Thanks